Why is it so important to change the air conditioner air filter every time?

Why is it so important to change the air conditioner air filter every time?

Why is it so important to change the air conditioner air filter every time?

The air conditioner filter’s job is to keep the debris and dust out of your home. Air filters have gotten a lot of attention due to the coronavirus pandemic lately, and even in the future the experts now recommend using high-end efficiency filters to trap dust, dirt, any small particles that can harm your health and even virus particles in the air.

But that’s not the main concern for everyone, right? A dirty air filter is the number one reason for costly air conditioner repair. A filter full of dust and debris restricts the airflow into the AC’s air handler.

The additional strain on the air handler burns the motor and causes the AC to overheat and fail.

Reasons to change your air conditioner’s filter

But the costly repairs can be avoided altogether. You have to pay a small price to replace the air filter to prevent costly AC repair.

Here are some reasons why it is important to change the air filter:

A clogged and dirty filter creates higher energy costs and inefficiency

No other factor affects your cooling system more than a dirty or a clogged air filter. It impedes the system’s airflow and puts all the strain on the air handler.

Whenever the dust, grime, and debris are stuck in the filter, the air conditioner has to work twice as powerful to circulate air through the room. This will increase your energy bills dramatically. You will drain your budget and will save up nothing for the next vacation.

The efficiency of an air conditioner is large affected by the airflow. The clogged filter restricts the airflow into the furnace and causes the system to wear down while increasing energy costs.

A dirty air filter pollutes the environment of your home

A contaminated filter blows airborne particles with dust, throughout your house. These particles might include tiny microorganisms, pollen, lint, dust, debris, dirt, and other viruses that are not visible to the naked eye. Your family would constantly be inhaling the dirty air, which is quite alarming.

Inhaling polluted air can have a detrimental and drastic effect on your health. It might cause asthma, allergies, and other chronic respiratory conditions.

Therefore, you should keep changing the air conditioner’s filter and never comprise your health.

It increases maintenance costs

A clogged filter will increase your maintenance cost exponentially. Sometimes, the blower stops working efficiently due to the dust particles. The dirt particles that are lodged inside increases the ductwork cleaning time.

You will need to spend more and more on maintaining your cooling system. It is not worth replacing your blower when you could just replace the air filter and go on with your life. Your cooling system will continue to work properly if the air filter is clean and free of airborne particles. Thus, you would be spending little to no money on maintenance.

it so important to change the air conditioner air filter every time

There’s no exact time at which you should change your air conditioner’s filter. It all comes down to the type of filter and the strain it is bearing. But on the safe side, you must change it every month. It is best to get your cooling system checking by a vent cleaning professional.

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