Why Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Important

Why Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Important

Do you forget to clean out your dryer vent on a regular basis? Dryer vent cleaning is an important part of maintaining your home, your HVAC unit, and even your health! At Nevada Pure Air— Las Vegas air duct cleanings, we’ve seen it all— from dryer vents that have been neglected for months and years even. With that neglect comes a great number of issues that can impact your life. We’re here to explain why dryer cleaning is important and why you should have your dryer vents inspected and cleaned.

Moldy, Lint-Covered Clothing

One of the most noticeable consequences of a dirty and unkempt dryer vent is the appearance of mold and lint inside of your dryer’s drum despite cleaning out the lint-catch. Your dryer vent feeds right into the dryer and when clean it allows for air to flow unobstructed. When it is neglected though, it will feed damp lint back into the dryer which can end up on your clothing. While lint can be pretty annoying, the appearance of mold in your dryer can pose several health risks that need to be addressed by a professional.

Premature Equipment Failure

If your dryer vent is clogged up with damp lint, it can cause the whole machine to run inefficiently. You may notice that your clothes take longer to dry and that you are running multiple cycles for the same load of laundry. This inefficiency requires your dryer to work harder on each cycle, to run more cycles, and which will ultimately wear down the equipment.

Astronomically High Utility Bills

In addition to your dryer wearing down sooner than you expect, you will also find really high energy waste from a dryer vent that isn’t working properly because of dirty blockages. Typically, a normal-sized dryer may use up to about 75 cents worth of electricity for each load. A dryer with a dirty or clogged vent will need to be run twice even three times to get the same load of laundry done. As you can see this will quickly add up and cause your utility bill to skyrocket. When you also factor in the cost of replacing your dryer in the event that it breaks down ahead of schedule, you can see the value in investing in a good dryer vent cleaning. It should become part of your regular home maintenance along with replacing air filters. You should do all of this every three months.

Increased Fire Hazards

Finally, the greatest dangers that clogged and dirty dryer vents pose are fire hazards! The lint that accumulates in the dryer vent is highly flammable and the fibers do not need very much head to ignite. Dryer vent fires are a leading cause of home fires and they are completely avoidable! Take the time to clean your dryer vent, or have the professionals take a look at it while they replace your air filters and clean your air ducts. This way the dirty job gets done and you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe.

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