How To Prepare Your HVAC for Cool Weather

How To Prepare Your HVAC for Winter

With October fast approaching, you can expect the weather in Las Vegas to drop and with it, the temperature on your thermostat will surely go up. The Las Vegas summer has been long and hot, but as we move into fall, you want to be sure that you prepare your HVAC for cool weather. So dust off your furnace put a kettle on, and join us at Nevada Pure Air as we help you prepare your HVAC unit for Fall.

Change Air Filters

With the changing of the seasons, you should also be changing your air filters. This has less to do with the seasons and more to do with the fact that your air filters should be changed out every 90 days or so. This just happens to sync up pretty nicely with the seasons. Changing your air filters should be a part of your seasonal routine, and if it’s not, it’s never too late to start! If you need help changing your filters, give us a call and we’ll send over a technician to change your air filters for you!

Clean Your Vents and Air Ducts

Air vents and air ducts are notorious for collecting all kinds of dust, pet dander, hair, and airborne particles. This build-up can cause a lot of issues for you if left untreated. Much like you would with your air filters, you want to be sure that your air vents are cleaned off so that the air that you’re breathing is clean, so that your HVAC runs efficiently, and so that you minimize the flammable risk that dust and link can cause. You should have your air ducts cleaned once or twice a year, a good time to remember to do this is during your spring cleaning and again when you’re preparing your HVAC for the fall and winter.

Reprogram Your Thermostat

Las Vegas summers are hot, and it’s likely that you have had a preset programmed on your thermostat for the hot summer months. A programmed thermostat can keep the temperature in your home controlled consistently so that your monthly bill does not spike up with increased energy usage. When preparing your HVAC for cool weather, you can bring this temperature up and program your thermostat to reflect the temperatures outside. The Nevada Department of Energy suggests that you program your thermostat to 68°F when you are home and set it back about 5 to 10 degrees lower when you are away.

Get a Professional Maintenance Service

If you have not had your HVAC unit along with the air ducts in your home inspected for maintenance this year, you want to be sure that you do so before the temperature drops. When the temperature begins to cool in Nevada, it is common for air conditioning units to blow fuses if they are working hard to keep a home warm. One of the reasons for this can be because the air ducts, air filters, and air vents are dirty and clogged. Be sure to schedule an air conditioning unit inspection and cleaning at least once or twice a year.

Need professional help? Call Nevada Pure Air today to schedule your air duct cleaning in time for Fall.

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