Key Tips To Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

Key Tips To Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

Keeping your furnace running efficiently all winter long is essential for keeping your family warm, safe, and comfortable during these cold winter months. For most homes that run an HVAC unit, keeping your furnace clean and well maintained will help your HVAC heat air more effectively and efficiently. Keeping your furnace ready for winter is easy enough to do on your own, but it’s important to follow these tips to prepare your furnace for winter from Nevada Pure Air.

Change Filters Regularly

When you need to heat your home as efficiently as possible, you want to be sure that you change the air filters in your air vents. Air filters should be changed out regularly every few months. This ultimately depends on how thick of an air filter you use, but it’s pretty standard to change these every 90 days. This is an easy process to do on your own, all you need is a flathead screwdriver and a couple of new filters!

Keep the Intake Pipe Clear

Keeping your furnace running at peak efficiency can help your furnace generate more heat with less energy. This is good for your furnace and great for your wallet! Part of making sure that your furnace runs efficiently is ensuring that the intake pipe that pulls in the air from outside stays clear from anything that would clog or block it. Keeping your intake pipe clear is as easy as going outside and making sure that the pipe is free from debris like leaves, plants, or trash.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

One of the most common ways that homeowners throw away money running their furnaces every winter is by not using a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows you to set times and control when your furnace is working and when it’s idle. This is the best way to make sure that you are not running your furnace when you are away from home. Prepare your furnace for winter by programming your thermostat to turn run only in the evening when you or your family will be home.

Keep up With Preventative Maintenance

Finally, to prepare your furnace for the winter, you want to be sure that you have a professional inspect your furnace and air ducts to handle the preventive cleaning and maintenance. At Nevada Pure Air, we provide quick and thorough air duct cleanings that will help you prepare your furnace for winter.

Las Vegas Air Duct Cleaning Services

Nevada Pure Air is a leading provider of air duct cleaning services in Las Vegas. When you need to prepare your furnace for winter or simply want to have your air ducts inspected and cleaned, our friendly team of professionals is ready to help you. As we move into the colder winter months, keeping your furnace vents clean and maintained can help keep your energy bills low, and more importantly, it can prevent accidental fires. Contact Nevada Pure AIr today to schedule your air duct, air vent, and vent cleaning today.

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