Why New Homeowners Should Have Air Ducts Inspected

Why New Homeowners Should Have Air Ducts Inspected

Buying a new house and moving in can be an exciting process! When you buy a new home you always have the property inspected for any damage that would need to be repaired, but you should also have your new home’s air ducts inspected to ensure that you are moving into a space that offers you a clean and healthy environment. As leaders in the industry, at Nevada Pure Air, we understand that new homeowners don’t want to deal with checking air ducts and dryer vents so we have laid out some reasons why new homeowners should have air ducts inspected before moving in.

Increase the Efficiency of Your New Home’s AC

When you buy a new home, not only do you take on the expense of a mortgage, but you also take on the financial responsibility of maintaining the home and all of the appliances. This includes the heating and air conditioning unit of your home.

Reduce Dusting

Did you know that dirty air ducts, dirty air vents, and dirty air filters not only cause your AC unit to run inefficiently, but they also create a mess of dust, pollen, and dander in your home?

Enjoying your new home can be difficult when you have to continuously dust it!

When you have your air ducts inspected and cleaned, you can reduce the amount of dusting and cleaning that you will have to do.

Remove Mold and Other Contaminants

In addition to being the perfect place for dust and pollen to settle, your air ducts can also become the perfect breeding place for mold and other contaminants. Mold and mildew thrive in dark and damp environments and if there is an issue with your AC unit that causes moisture to become trapped in the air ducts of your new home, you may find mold.

Eliminate Odors

Dirty air ducts can collect dirt, dust, dander, pollen, and other contaminants that can cause your home to smell musty and unpleasant. By having your air ducts inspected before your move-in date, you can make sure that these issues are remedied with an air duct cleaning.

Extend the Life of Your AC System

In order to extend the life of your AC unit, it is important that the unit runs efficiently to prevent excessive wear and tear. An inspection of your air ducts may reveal blocking and clocking in the air ducts that cause your AC unit to run improperly. With a home air duct inspection, you can have a clean and efficient AC unit that works perfectly through your first summer, and every summer after that!
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