Easy Ways to Reduce Your AC Bill This Spring

Easy Ways to Reduce Your AC Bill This Spring

At Nevada Pure Air, we often find that our customers see a reduction in their cooling costs after we’ve thoroughly cleaned out their air vents and air ducts. This is because their cooling and AC units run more efficiently when they have been properly cleaned and all blockages have been removed. This allows AC units to run more efficiently, saving you a pretty penny when you reduce your AC bill this spring.

Use a Ceiling Fan

Running a ceiling fan, or any other fan for that matter can make a room feel 6 to 7 degrees cooler! That’s all thanks to feeling wind chill. Fans don’t actually make a room colder, they actually just make the room more comfortable to be in. And that’s okay! It’ll help you reduce your AC bill this spring!

Just make sure that you turn it off once you leave the room!

If you use a ceiling fan while you have the AC turned on, that will help make the room cool down faster as well.

Run Your AC Unit More Economically

Blasting you AC in the spring is one of easiest ways to increase your electric bill. The best way to reduce your AC bill is to run your AC unit more efficiently and economically. This means keeping the cooling unit at a temperature that is closer to the outdoor temperature.

If you are comfortable with keeping the air conditioning at 75ºF instead of 70ºF then you will save drastically.

Clean and Maintain Your Cooling System

One of the main reasons that AC units are overworked— causing them to use more energy to cool your house and eventually breaking down is that the heating and cooling system in your home hasn’t been serviced.

Having your air vents and air ducts cleaned at least twice a year can keep your HVAC unit running smoothly and efficiently.

Avoid Activities That Build up Heat

If it’s a warm day outside and you want to keep your AC bill low, you should avoid doing activities inside the house that build up heat until the day cools off. This means running appliances, cooking on the stove, and taking hot showers in the middle of the day.

These activities will build up heat inside the house causing you to run the AC longer just to keep things feeling cool and comfortable.

Keep the Curtains, Blinds, and Shades Closed

Finally, as my father always told me, keep the blinds closed to keep the temperature of rooms cooler throughout the day. Keeping the blinds shut can reduce the heat gain of any room by almost 50%. This is because white shades will reflect the rays coming from the sun as opposed to letting the heat enter the room and warm the floors and walls.

Less heat gain means that your AC unit will have to work less to keep your home feeling comfortable this spring.

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