Does Cleaning Air Ducts Help With Airflow?

Does Cleaning Air Ducts Help With Air Flow

Are you dealing with an old air conditioning system that is struggling to cool your entire home this summer? Before you go and replace your air conditioning system, which can cost a fortune, you want to know does cleaning air ducts help with airflow? Blockages in your air ducts can cause issues with airflow which results in cool air struggling to get to every room in your house. At Nevada Pure Air, the first thing we do when a homeowner has issues with airflow is to inspect and clean their air duct system to improve airflow.

How to Improve airflow in Your Home

As we mentioned above, improving airflow in your home is possible without the need to replace your air conditioning system. Before you call the air conditioning company, try these easy steps to improve airflow in your home.

Check Air Vents, grilles, and Registers

One of the most common places that airflow blockages happen is directly on the air vents, grilles, and registers themselves. It’s pretty common for air vents, grilles, and registers to get clogged with dust, dander, pollen, and just about any other airborne particles that are too big to flow through the filter.

Check every one of your air vents and wipe them down with a dusting cloth regularly. Additionally, be sure to change your air filters every 90 days.

Turn on Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans in your home, you want to be sure that you use them as much as possible to get the air in your home moving.

The thing to remember is that you want to check your ceiling fan and switch the direction that the blades rotate counterclockwise. The counterclockwise setting on ceiling fans is meant to push the cool air down in a column.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

If you suspect that the airflow in your home may be stifled and slowed down, the issue might be caused by your HVAC unit struggling to cycle air through your home. An HVAC unit that is struggling to move air through your home can be the result of clogged air ducts, but to be sure, you should call and have your HVAC inspected and scheduled for maintenance.

Consider Duct Cleaning

If you haven’t had our team of certified technicians inspect and clean your air ducts, you could be experiencing dirty and dusty air ducts that could be slowing the airflow in your home. While air filters are designed to trap dust and airborne particles out of your air duct system, it is common to find holes and leaks in your air ducts that allow dust and dander to fill your air ducts. Not only is this back for the airflow, but it can also cause plenty of respiratory issues after a prolonged period of time.

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