How to Condition the Second Floor of a House

How to Condition the Second Floor of a House

As we move away from winter and the days slowly, but surely, become warmer and warmer, it won’t be long until those upstairs bedrooms become unbearably warm without proper conditioning. Especially those rooms that sit right above the garage. But what can you do to help condition the second floor of a house besides cranking the AC all the way up? With Nevada Pure Air, you can keep clean and maintained air conditioning systems in your home and apartment building that can help keep the second floor cool.

#1 Keep Your Drapes and Blinds Shut During the Day

One way to keep upstairs bedroom cool during the summer is to keep your blinds and drapes drawn shut during the day! This can help keep the sunlight out of the room and with it the heat. If you really want to block out the sun from your upstairs in order to keep it conditioned, you can install blackout curtains or shutters. Be warned, these are extremely effective!

#2 Adjust Your Air Vents in Rooms You Aren’t Using

One of the reasons that your upstairs may have a difficult keeping cool might have to do with an inefficiency with your air vents and air conditioning system as a whole. If you are spending your time upstairs, go to through your house and shut the air vents in the rooms that you are not using and redirect the cold air upstairs. Doing this to the bottom floor of your home can help keep the rest of the house cool. Heat rises after all.

#3 Check Your Air Vents and Ducts

If while you are adjusting your air vents, you notice that they are very dusty and dirty, you may be having a hard time keeping the second floor of your home conditioned due to air vent issues. Air vents and air ducts that are affected by a buildup of dust, dirt, and dander can be incredibly inefficient and cost homeowners as much as an extra $200 to $400 a month in increased energy costs.

Our team can inspect and clean your air vents, air ducts, and air filters to keep your home cooler and more efficient.

#4 Take Care of Your HVAC System

If while we are inspecting your air ducts, we notice that your air ducts are not properly sealed or fitted, we will let you know. When your air ducts leak, it can cause your HVAC unit to work twice as hard to ineffectively cool your home. This will only result in your HVAC system wearing out quicker than expected while raising your energy bill in the process. It’s important to take care of your HVAC system when you notice this.

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