Common Air Duct Problems in Your Home

Common Air Duct Problems in Your Home

Did you know that one of the most expensive issues that your home’s HVAC unit can have is a faulty air duct system? Air ducts, which are the system of tubes that are connected from your home’s Heating, Cooling, and Air Conditioning unit to the air vents in your home. When you have air duct problems, it can cost you significant amounts of money on your utility bills each month and in some severe cases may even put your HVAC at risk of burning out. Prevent major HVAC and air duct issues by keeping an eye out for these common air duct problems in your home from Nevada Pure Air, your trusted Las Vegas air duct cleaning service.

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1. Poor Design

In order to be the most cost-effective and efficient— air ducts are designed to connect a home’s HVAC unit to a room with the shortest distance possible. When an air duct is poorly designed, it can make heating and cooling a room difficult because not enough airflow gets to the room. Poor air duct design is common in homes that have been DIY remodeled and not inspected by a professional. Common rooms where poor air duct design is the most common is in garages that have been converted to living spaces and the air ducts were simply rerouted. This is more common than you think and can cost you a lot of money down the road.

Have your air ducts cleaned and inspected and your technician will inform you if there are any issues with your air ducts.

2. Improper Insulation

Improper insulation in air ducts can be a killer for your monthly energy bill. When there is improper insulation, the heated or cooled air that is supposed to flow through the air ducts into the rooms in your home escapes en route and the result is a non-air conditioned room. This can cause the homeowner to raise/lower the thermostat and make the HVAC work double time in order to achieve the same level of air conditioning. The result? Increased wear on your home’s HVAC unit.

3. Dirty Ducts

Dirty air ducts are one of the leading issues that air ducts experience. Dirty air ducts can be the reason why your home’s air conditioning system runs inefficiently, spreads dust and debris, and contributes to your seasonal allergy issues. Despite being of the most incredibly common air duct problems, dirty air ducts are easy to handle by contacting an air duct cleaning company and having them clean your air ducts once or twice a year. While they are at it, you may want to have them inspect, clean, and replace air filters, dryer vents, and air vents.

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