Benefits of dryer vent cleaning

benefits of dryer vent cleaning

Benefits of dryer vent cleaning

Let’s face it, not many folks remember to clean the dryer. It is the least favorite task to do as far as the household chores go. However, you might feel differently if you could understand that all the dirt and lint are costing you a lot of time, money, and energy.

Cleaning the vent plays a vital role in your dryer’s efficiency and longevity. All the dirt down there will not only waste your money but bring up safety hazards for you and your kids.

Nothing feels better than a fresh pile of washed clothes but a clogged dryer vent can deprive you of this happiness.

Benefits of dryer vent cleaning

Your dryer is heavy-duty and can tackle loads of laundry at a time. However, lint, dirt, grime, and dust particles can reduce its efficiency while putting you in danger to catch allergies.

Here are some benefits of dryer vent cleaning:

It saves your precious time

You might have a clogged vent or a fire hazard if your dryer is taking more than one cycle to dry the laundry load. The longer it moves to dry your clothes, the faster you should run to a professional dryer vent cleaning service company.

Removing the lint, dirt, and grime will save your precious time- you won’t have to stand for two or more dryer rounds. The professionals will unclog the vent so that your machine could run efficiently all year round.

Most folks see the time difference immediately after the cleaning service.

It prevents the clothing from damage

The dryer releases more heat if the vents are badly clogged. So, what happens when your favorite shirt receives more heat than it should? It will end up faded and damaged. The fibers of all types of clothing split up when extensive heat is provided to them, and that too for a long time. The overly-heated environment also fades the color of your favorite shirt.

Hence, you should contact a dryer vent cleaning service provider if you wish to preserve your favorite clothing.

Vent cleaning extends the shelf life of the dryer

Even though a dryer is created to take a lot of laundry load, it can’t go on for long with clogged vents. The real culprit in decreasing the shelf life of your dryer is the lint in the vent. Heavy lint clogging causes a dryer to stop working.

You have to get rid of the lint to enjoy the maximum performance of your dryer. Frequent vent cleaning keeps the shelf life of your dryer in check.

It saves tons of energy

The running time tends to increase with clogged vents. The lint in the vents can cause an increase of 30 dollars per month. The vent line blockage prevents dryer operation or causes it to malfunction for no apparent reason.

Even a new dryer can be a victim of lint and might increase your energy expenditures. You would end up paying more for all the extra dryer time.


We observe many dryer fires each year and all because of the lint, dirt, and grime in the vent. A clean dryer vent does not only save your time but also helps you to get rid of allergens and carbon monoxide poisoning.

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