A Scheduled Duct Cleaning: How to Get Ready For This?

Duct Cleaning

With the changing season, it is vital to schedule a duct cleaning. Cleaning your ducts can not only improve the air quality of your house but also can decrease your utility bills and increase the lifespan of your HVAC system. Ducts often accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, and other allergens over time which can result in the poor quality of the air in your house. Thus, you should think about a scheduled duct cleaning after several months.

However, before starting this cleaning procedure, you need to prepare some things before the arrival of the professionals. So, you need to consider some of those preparation tips that can help you in the entire procedure of air duct cleaning in Las Vegas.

Tips to prepare for a scheduled duct cleaning procedure

Use your vacuum

If you have carpets, you need to remove the dust or dirt that has accumulated on them. For this, you may use your vacuum cleaner and prevent the dust particles from being stirred into your home’s air during the duct cleaning procedure.

Remember to change the filter

You need to change your disposable air filter before the duct cleaning procedure. If the furnace of your house has an electronic air cleaner, you may follow its settings instructions given by its manufacturer and can perform the task smoothly.

Moreover, you need to remember that the filters need to be replaced or cleaned at least every three months. Also, you should adjust your electronic air cleaners according to the instructions given by their manufacturing companies.

Remove furniture, plants, and other objects

If you have some fragile items or potted plants near the place where your vent registers are located, then you need to put those fragile items in another location prior to your scheduled duct cleaning. The cleaners have to access all vents to protect against the dust particles that may be stirred into the air.

Also, remove that during the cleaning procedure. No pets or plants should be in the room.

Clean the surfaces of your rooms

You should clean up all dirt and dust that have covered the surfaces of your furniture, appliances, windowsills, etc., near which the vents are located. It can ensure that no dust particles will stir into the air of your house during the cleaning procedure.

In addition, if you have a good amount of pet hair in your room that can’t be vacuumed, you may use a lint roller and remove that hair with ease.

Remember to switch off all your electronics

Before the scheduled duct cleaning procedure, you should shut down your computers, televisions, or other electronic devices, as these can produce an electromagnetic field in the room. In this way, you can make sure that the equipment your duct-cleaning technicians need to use will not interfere with any electronic device present in your room.

These are some vital tips that will ensure that you will enjoy a flawless duct cleaning procedure. In this scenario, Nevada Pure Air can help you to understand the importance of preparing ahead of your scheduled Residential duct cleaning in Las Vegas, and in this way, you can live a comfortable life with your family.

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