5 Things That Are Harming Your Air Quality

5 Things That Are Harming Your Air Quality

Have you ever wondered what’s really in the air you breathe? Everything we bring into the home arrives with some form of dust, pollutant, or chemical that can be harmful to our bodies. At Nevada Pure Air, we notice that more and more people are becoming more mindful of what they bring into the home and have switched cleaning products and other home goods for a purer environment. To protect your health, it is important to analyze the things that are harming your air quality.

Secondhand Smoke

This is caused by smoke that burns from the end of the cigarette or cigar and the smoke exhaled by the smoker. It is a harmful air pollutant that worsens respiratory issues, ear infections, and asthma attacks. Take care of your health and improve your air quality by avoiding secondhand smoke. Always request a non-smoking room when possible and clean your clothes immediately after exposure to smoke. If you’ve recently been exposed to a lot of secondhand smoke, steam therapy is a great way to drain mucus from the lungs.

Cleaning Products

Many products we bring into the home and use daily are a big cause of air pollution. Not only do many cleaning products irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, they are dangerous indoor pollutants as they increase harmful airborne particles.


If you are a big fan of your home smelling good, then you might be bummed to hear that those candles you keep burning are harming your air quality. Inflammation in the lungs can occur because fine particles are released from the candles that contribute to the exposure of other particle matter. An alternative to the traditional candle would be a candle made from soy or beeswax. Both options do not emit harmful formaldehyde which has been associated with a traditional candle. Another safer option is a diffuser with essential oils.

Air Fresheners

Along with candles come air fresheners. Both products are used to combat smells and leave behind a scent (you’re hoping) everyone will love. Air fresheners leave your room smelling nice, but emit over 100 different chemicals that are harmful to our health. Instead of an air freshener, try turning on a fan or opening a window for freshness.


These work wonders for the skin as they add missing moisture to the air. However, when not cleaned or used properly they can encourage mold and dust mites to form without even knowing. In order to prevent harmful buildup, keep your humidifier below 50 percent and you should be good to go. All things considered, use your humidifier in moderation and you can help prevent mold and dust mites from flourishing.

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