5 steps to prepare for air duct cleaning

5 steps to prepare for air duct cleaning

5 steps to prepare for air duct cleaning

If you have made the important decision to clean your air ducts, you are making a great investment. Not only are you improving the overall air quality of your home but also investing to save energy. However, it is better to get the air vents cleaned by a professional.

It is easy for the dirt, debris, and airborne particles to get into your nasal ways and cause allergies.

We all know the great benefits of air duct cleaning- efficient-running HVAC system improved air quality and less energy waste. But the real question is, how can you prepare for a professional air duct cleaning session?

Steps to prepare for air duct cleaning service

Here are some steps to prepare for air duct cleaning service at the spot:

Clear space under every fan and register in the house/commercial building

Yes, this step might be time-consuming but it is essential to clear a path around every fan and register in the building. You can ask your kids or the office cleaning staff to clean up and declutter.

If you have considered a commercial air duct cleaning service, seek a professional who would clean other than your office hours, without disrupting your employees. If you want to get the air ducts cleaned during operation hours, advise the employees to keep their desks clean.

For instance, if there’s a computer under the ceiling register or fan, move it someplace else in the room. It will make things very easy for the air duct cleaning professionals.

If you have hired a dryer vent cleaning technician, ensure that your laundry is complete and your dryer is easily accessible to him. The same preparation protocols go for the HVAC or furnace equipment in your home.

Consider a walk-through with the cleaning technician

Give a quick tour of your home to the cleaning professional as soon as he arrives. Point out all the important locations you want to be cleaned. This way, there would be no surprises at the end (billing time).

If your technician is experienced, he might point out other locations that you have missed.

Ask whatever questions you have in mind

Don’t be hesitant in asking questions to clear your confusion. Focus on your peace of mind as you are spending your hard-earned money on a cleaning service. Ensure that the air duct cleaning service you are taking is worth every penny.

Any good air duct cleaning company would be more than happy in explaining the process rather than brushing off all the questions.

Decide whether your family will stay or go

If the layout of the ductwork is complicated, the air duct cleaning service can take the better part of the day. If you don’t want to be around noise and technicians, you can go someplace else. However, it is recommended to stay to ensure that the technicians are doing the work properly.

Ensure that you are hiring a professional and experienced air duct cleaning company

You should do your due diligence in finding the right company for the cleaning job. Consider all the options within your budget and run a background check on each company on the shortlist.

Not every air duct cleaning company has extensive experience in the field.


The above process will not only prepare your family but will also provide the cleaning professionals a comfortable place to do the job properly.

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